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Cimarron 1931- RKO Radio

Winner for 1930-1931


The Front Page 1931- Caddo, United Artists

Nominated for 1930-1931


All Quiet On the Western Front 1930- Universal

Winner for 1929-1930


The Love Parade 1929- Paramount

Nominated for 1929-1930


The Broadway Melody 1929- Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Winner for 1928-1929


Alibi 1929- Feature Films

Nominated for 1928-1929


In Old Arizona 1929- Fox Films

Nominated for 1928-1929


Wings 1927-  Paramount

The first winner of  the Best Picture Oscar


Seventh Heaven (a.k.a. 7th Heaven) 1927- Fox Films Nominated for 1928-1929

      Our first review!

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