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Hi! I'm Beary.  I'm really excited that you're here to learn about me. If I had a mouth, I'd cheer out loud! But since I don't, I'll simply wave. I also don't have any fingers, so Mommy is typing this for me.


My story:

I found my mommy and daddy when I was just a little bear, waiting (well, sleeping, mostly) on the shelf at a big grocery store. Mommy says it was called “King Soopers,” so I guess it was a castle if a king lived there. I never saw a king, but I was friends with the other animals on the shelf, including a lion who wore a green sweater. I hope he found a good family.


Mommy brought me home in a plastic bag. I didn't like that very much, but I can't really blame her because she didn't know me very well yet. She took me out of the bag and handed me to a sleepy, coughy, sneezy man. I didn't like him at first (he was sick and boring) but then I figured out that maybe it was my job to help him get better. He did, so I must have done a good job! I like him a lot better now—he's my Daddy. Now, whenever anyone in my family gets sick and needs to feel better, I do my job: cuddling. I think I am better at this than anyone else.






Beary at a glace:
Full Name: Beary the Bear, or “Beary T. Bear” for short. Uncle Kyle calls me Bearsworth von Bearsfellow the Third. Humph.
Species: Ursus cuddlus
Age: 3
Birthday (observed): Jan 6
Height: 21.5” when standing. I'm a big bear!
Fur: brown
Eyes: black
Tail: cute