Infilm Studios was created by Matthew Gale as a place to display and discuss still and video photography. The “Studios” was first intended as a a bit of a gag besides it just sounding nice. At the time there wasn’t even a single studio let alone multiple studios. And that was it until...

    He and his wife Lesley were watching the MGM classic Singin’ In the Rain starring Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, and Donald O’Connor. They had seen it before and knew that  it was intended, in part, to be a showcase for songs that had been in the MGM catalogue for years. Further research piqued their interest and they decided to see some of those older films including Broadway Melody (1929). It is regarded as the first film musical. That led to an interest in other Academy Award® winning motion pictures. Suddenly the two were completely re-writing their Netflix® queue exclusively for the award nominated films; in order, mind you.

     Fortunately (or unfortunately) they then decided to share their experience with the world by combining Matthew’s professional audio experience with the website and Nomination Fixation was born. That lasted about a day because the theme song Matty recorded prompted Lesley to conclude that the proper title should be Nomination Station.  The first of the studios was a small relatively quiet room in which to record the episodes. Now they have upgraded to the best microphones in the world used by professionals in the industry to record orchestrations, albums, and sound effects. The Sonic Integrity Lab mics are a real treat and give us at least a little class.

     The second studio was created when Lesley urged Matty to create a photographic studio to explore portraiture and still-life photography. The lighting looks great and Matty’s photography is coming along. He still isn’t satisfied and is constantly learning. Infilm Studios had then become an accurate name and that pleased Lesley and Matty enormously. has evolved into a place to discuss photography and motion pictures,  Matty has created the Snapshot Guide for the photographically challenged,  Beary T. Bear has a page, and even Matty’s fever-induced ideas about the Magnum P.I. movie that is purported to be in pre-production have an outlet. Who knows what this little page will become?  For now we are doing this for fun, but we are open to offers that would make this a professional venture (like that will ever happen).

     You are welcome to contact us about photographic or recording services. Matty has been also known to create television and radio commercials with original music. We like small business and hope to see the economy become very diverse and robust. That takes strong small businesses.

     To learn more about Matty and Lesley, visit the Nomination Station “about us” page. If you haven’t already, be sure to visit the “about this site” page. It might be helpful. Now go back to the site and let us know what you think. Have fun!

Infilm Studios