While it is true that there are but two or three degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon to about any actor, producer, or director from American cinema, it is also true that there are the same few degrees separating just about any actor from any other actor. Get this: Marion Davies was in Pirate Party On Catalina Isle with Mickey Rooney who was in Night at the Museum with Patrick Gallagher who was in Night At the Museum:Battle of the Smithsonian with Nick Jonas. So a teen-idol, boy-band, Disney Channel star is a few degrees removed from one of the brightest stars of the silent era. Check out The Oracle of Bacon and see if you can stump him!

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Walt Disney is one of the most important figures in animation, cinema, and world history. There are a lot of myths out there from his being frozen to his affiliation with the Nazi party. Of course, those things aren’t even remotely true. A museum has opened in The Presidio in San Francisco where we can go to learn about the man who with imagination, determination, and an ability to see connections few others could, transformed the entertainment industry and shaped our culture. If you would like to read more about Uncle Walt,  try “Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination” by Neal Gabler. It is an excellent read and it does not shy away from describing Walt’s personal issues and failures, but puts them in the context of a complicated yet simplicity-minded individual who just happened to be a genius.

It drives me crazy when I see poorly taken pictures. Not to say that mine are all that great, but I can’t figure out why so many people make the same dumb mistakes in their snapshots and family photos. One mistake in particular is when people try to take a picture of a group at a party. They put the “cross-hairs” of the view finder directly on a person’s face, cutting them all off at the knees and making the entire top-half of the image a photograph of the ceiling. Stop it or I will bury you alive in a box!

Friend of Infilm Chris Sheafor plays a mean bass and a downright hot guitar. He has two musical projects currently. They are Sheafor (whose members are all members of the Sheafor family by birth or by marriage) and The Bev Barber Band with Bev doing lead vocals and Chris as the band. Both are strong melodically and lots of fun with superb musicianship. You can contact both here for bookings.

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