Matthew Gale
February 8, 2010.
Infilm Studios
By the way- Thomas married J. “Digger” Doyle.

    I heard they were in the process of making a Magnum P.I. movie, but casting had been a bother since everyone and their Aunt Tilly knows that Thomas Magnum can only be played by Tom Selleck. I heard rumors that Matthew Mcconaughey had been cast as Thomas and those rumors turned out to be false. Then I heard that they would go in a completely different direction and cast someone completely un-Selleck-like. Nick Cage?! You have got to be kidding me.

     Well I know how to solve all their little casting problems in an elegant way without deviating from the previous casting. If you love Magnum P.I. like I do, then help me get this word out to stop a travesty of film making!

    Here is the solution:

     Thomas Magnum has a daughter named Lily Catherine. In 2012 she will be 30 years old. Thomas re-joined Naval intelligence and is just past retirement age. If Lily Catherine followed in her father’s footsteps by becoming a private investigator, she might need to con her father into helping her get information from the NIA computer. Sound familiar? Like the play on characters? Thomas, being much older and wiser, might even lecture her about things like responsibility and not sleeping in. She should have a much more technological way of doing her job (tricked-out van instead of a Ferrari) but as the film progresses and old friends come back into the picture, she may even find that she has her own “little voice” that is much more useful than all the gadgets.

     Of course the “rivalry” between Higgins and Thomas never diminished even though Thomas turned into his father-figure. But “Uncle Jonathan” takes care of Lily Catherine Hue-Magnum like a grand-father would. He even confides to her who Robin Masters really is. You’re dying to know, aren’t you?

    Robin Masters was a youngster in a regiment in WWII under the command of young officer Jonathan Quayle Higgins. He was young, scared, and creative. He helped keep spirits up by telling stories. But not long after he came on, he was killed. Three of the regiment, including Higgins, decided that they would keep his dream of becoming an author alive by publishing one of their favorite Robin Masters stories after the war. They didn’t get around to it until much later. When they did finally publish it, it was a huge hit. They hadn’t counted on that. There were demands for follow-up efforts and the group decided to keep writing by mailing each other tapes and manuscripts so that each would have his input . Of course, they were making a lot of money from the initial idea from a dead comrade who had no family, so they decided to be philanthropic with portions of the profits. They also needed to provide a public face, but Higgins had no interest in being famous, so one of the other two was chosen to play Robin Masters and fly all over the world. They each have their own “Robin Masters”  homes, but the group doing business as Robin Masters owns them all. They also agreed to honor the agreements between other members of the group and third parties such as house guests and donations, etc.

     So Higgins is and isn’t Robin Masters but Thomas will never know the truth and Lily Catherine tortures her father with it.

     By the third act it is clear that Lily Catherine is abandoning the technology for an approach to investigating that resembles her father’s old approach. Uncle Jonathan even tells her to “Take the Ferrari.”  Thomas, on Higgins’ advice, recalls the days of youth, danger, and honor and decides to help Lily Catherine solve her case. Rick (a failed businessman who makes a living teaching history to community college students) and T.C. (a very wealthy former pilot  who made a killing in the stock market) join in.

     There you have it. A Magnum movie made in 2012 that stars Tom Selleck as Thomas Magnum. Now what cute Asian/American woman should play Lily Catherine Magnum?